how to inject insulin properly

Are you injecting insulin properly?

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Injecting insulin is a tricky affair. Whether you are using insulin pen or a syringe and a needle, make sure you inject it the right way. Follow these simple tips:

The site of injection:

  • Abdomen – Two inches away from the bellybutton. You may have scars from previously injecting insulin on the abdomen. Avoid these scars.
  • Upper Outer Arm – Fatty tissue at the back of the arm between the shoulder and the elbow is the right site for injecting insulin.
  • Upper Outer Thigh – The top and outer area of the thigh is the best area to inject insulin. Leave at least 4 inches above the knee & at least 4 inches down from the top of the leg. Avoid injecting into your inner thigh – That region has fewer blood vessels and nerves.
  • Buttock – ‘Wallet area’ or the hip is the right spot. But avoid the lower buttock area.

An inch/two finger widths distance is what you should leave between two injections within some injection area.

Avoid injecting into broken vessels, scar tissue or varicose veins. Scar tissue may interfere with insulin absorption.

Choose the site of injection smartly – If you’re planning to walk, jog or run, avoid injecting into your thighs. Similarly, if it’s a game of squash or tennis, then avoid injecting into your arm. Usually, increased circulation at the injection site of injection due to massage or exercise can fasten the absorption of insulin.

An Insulin pen is a simple yet very effective device that delivers the right dose of insulin at the injection site. Also, the convenience of pre-filled syringe makes it easy for the patients. Inject straight in and hold the insulin pen in place for a couple of seconds after releasing insulin to avoid any leaking.

place to take insulin injection in body

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