Diabetes Facts you may not know

Diabetes Facts you may not know

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The incidence of diabetes mellitus is rising at an alarming proportion in India & is likely to affect 79.4 million people in India by 2030, a 15 % increase from the current 31.7 million.

There is plentiful of information about diabetes and its complications, however, we’re presenting below certain ‘Diabetes Facts’ that you may not even know – Read on.

  • About one-third of all people living with diabetes DO NOT KNOW they have about.
  • A person may not experience any symptoms for Type 2 diabetes
  • Only about 5% of all people living with diabetes have type 1 diabetes
  • Diabetes is one of the leading causes of blindness in working-age adults.
  • People living with diabetes are at twice the riskof developing heart disease than those without diabetes.
  • Type 2 diabetes can be prevented with lifestyle modifications, which includes diet control, moderate weight loss (approx. 4-6 Kg) and 30 minutes of moderate physical activity (e.g. brisk walking, jogging etc.) each day.
  • A meal plan for a person living with diabetes is NOT very different than that recommended for people without diabetes.
  • The risk of developing complications due to diabetes can be significantly lowered if one achieves good control of diabetes. It can also prevent complications getting worse.
  • In obese people, weight loss (Bariatric) surgery can reduce the symptoms of diabetes.

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