Diabetes & Skin Complications

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Diabetes affects almost all the organs in the body; given this, it is inevitable that it affects the part that occupies the largest surface area of our body – the skin. People who are living with diabetes for several years, those having high blood glucose levels for a long time, often experience serious complications related to skin. One-third out of such patients has to face skin related complications during their lifetime. If diagnosed in time, then such skin conditions can be very well prevented and also treated appropriately. But, if ignored, common skin conditions can also turn serious and leave a deeper impact.

People living with diabetes often have to face skin complications. Out of these, some conditions are due to diabetes whereas the rest are as a result of various changes taking place in our body. One of the common skin conditions that are seen in people with diabetes includes – Diabetes Dermopathy. People with dermopathy tend to develop brown-black coloured scars on their feet. However, these scars are quite harmless or don’t even need any particular treatment. There’s no itching, nor do these scars spread to other parts. They don’t pain either.

Vitiligo is also commonly observed in patients with diabetes. The ability of the skin to produce the pigment is hampered which is seen in the form of white patches. Medical, surgical, as well as laser therapies are available for such condition.

Boils on the skin are also one of the common complaints that people living with diabetes often face. The boil can form on any part of the body, however, commonly they’re seen on the fingers of the hands or back side of the palms. They’re less painful but demand a medical attention.

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