Organized Diabetes Care – ADCPL makes the difference!

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When an individual is living with Diabetes, the body suffers from a slow and steady impact of the disease. Therefore, The complications of Diabetes affecting Heart, Kidneys, Feet and Eyes in turn cause alarming health hazards. As a chronic disease, Diabetes needs a chronic attention.

Control of blood sugar levels is important however is not alone sufficient when it comes to Diabetes Management. Every day, a patient living with Diabetes faces with multiple lifestyle choices, environmental changes, concurrent diseases, disorders and several other factors that affect glucose control on day-to-day basis.

Establishing high quality comprehensive care by Involving Patients is paramount in reducing the long-term complications of Diabetes. Empowering the patients to take control of their own disease is therefore the need of the hour. Organized Diabetes Care stresses on identifying the needs and abilities of individual patients; and fine-tune the services to suit these requirements.

Emphasizing on the need for Organized Diabetes Care, Dr. Amish Shah, an eminent expert in Diabetes management recommends, “Patients need to treat Diabetes as their friend and not as an enemy. When a person is diagnosed with Diabetes he/she has to live with it for the rest of their life. As we take special care and understand our true friends, ‘Understanding Diabetes’ and knowing its complications can actually make it a lot less stressful.”

One of its kinds ‘Centre of Excellence’, Advanced Diabetes Centre at Surat, Gujarat, has redefined the paradigms of Organized Diabetes Care. At Advanced Diabetes Centre, complete range of patient-care services and diagnostic facilities are offered under one roof.

Joslin Diabetes Centre, Boston, USA, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School serves as an advisor to Advanced Diabetes Centre.

Advanced Diabetes Centre is equipped with point-of-care labs including HbA1c. The patients are classified in three categories based on their HbA1c levels and corresponding risk potential.


The center follows validated assessment tools, and written care plan for Collaborative Goal Setting of an individual patient based on their specific needs. Regular assessments of these goals ensure higher compliance to overall Diabetes Management Program.

Organized Diabetes Care improves both short-term as well as long-term outcomes. At Advanced Diabetes Centre, complete care for complex cases of severe diabetes is provided simultaneous to the preventive management of the disease for patients with borderline and pre-diabetic conditions.

Management of Diabetes requires a collaborative approach. Advanced Diabetes Centre offers people with diabetes a unique model of Organized Diabetes Care that looks after them 24×7 even when they are away from the center at their home and empowers them to achieve optimum control over diabetes.


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