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Super cool Watermelon popsicles

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This summer, give a break to the readymade, sugary ice-creams & popsicles which make your sugars go haywire. Instead try out this simple homemade popsicle to keep you cool. These supercool tiny popsicles are made up of fresh watermelon, are not sugar laden & are easy to make. No artificial colors, preservatives & chemicals added. Small sized moulds are chosen to control the portion size & carbohydrates intake. The glycemic load of one popsicle is 1, so you can enjoy the popsicle safely unless your sugars are higher than 300mg /dl & if you have developed renal complications & have potassium restriction.

What’s more, you will get additional bonus owing to its various health benefits. Watermelon has around 92-95 % (depending upon type) of water and a good source of minerals sufficient to quench the thirst. It also has an amino acid called citrulline which is converted to arginine, another essential amino acid which relaxes the muscles & improves the blood circulation. Adequate blood flow is necessary for better sweat production. Though sweating is not that pleasant phenomenon, it is required to maintain our body temperature.  Watermelon also has anti-inflammatory properties which helps our body to fight infections. It is also rich in a carotene pigment, lycopene that has a sugar stabilizing effect & is beneficial to the heart. Watermelon also provides vital minerals like potassium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, iron etc. The mint used in the popsicle is a good appetizer & improves digestion. Kiwi fruit is rich in vitamin C which helps to prevent damage caused by the sun, pollution and smoke, smooth wrinkles and improve overall skin texture.

water melon popsicles ingredientsIngredients:

  • Serves: 3
  • Watermelon (seedless) 1 cup (100gms)
  • Mint leaves, few
  • Chat masala, a pinch
  • Lemon juice ½ tsp, optional
  • Ginger juice 1/4tsp, optional
  • Fresh Kiwi fruit, cut into small triangular pieces (2 per popsicle)

Nutritive Value per one Popsicle

  • Carbohydrates:  4g
  • Proteins: 0.2g
  • Fat: 0.06 g
  • Glycemic Load:  1


Blenderize watermelon, mint leaves, chat masala, lemon & ginger juice. Pour it into the moulds. Add two pieces of kiwi in each mould. Place in the freezer a few hours until firm. To remove the pops from the moulds, run under water for few seconds. Enjoy the cool watermelon Popsicles.

Remember, you should limit the consumption of ice cold drinks or ice creams. Anything in excess is not good for your health. The readymade ice creams are often high in sugars & calories. When you are making at home, you can modify the ingredients.  People with renal complications should avoid these popsicles.

Dt. Amita Tambekar,
Registered Dietitian,
Advanced Diabetes Centre, Surat.

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