how to inject insulin properly

Are you injecting insulin properly?

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Injecting insulin is a tricky affair. Whether you are using insulin pen or a syringe and a needle, make sure you inject it the right way. Follow these simple tips: The site of injection: Abdomen – Two inches away from the bellybutton. You may have scars from previously injecting insulin on the abdomen. Avoid these […]

Eyes on Diabetes – November 2016 – National Diabetes Awareness Month

Eyes on Diabetes – November 2016 – National Diabetes Awareness Month

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Advanced Diabetes Centre is gearing up to celebrate World Diabetes Day (WDD) and spread the awareness about diabetes and its complications. ‘Eyes on Diabetes’ is the theme of World Diabetes Day (WDD) 2016. In significance with the ‘National Diabetes Awareness Month’, throughout November, Advanced Diabetes Centre has organized various outreach activities across Surat city and […]

Diabetes and blood pressure

Diabetes and Blood Pressure

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In the management of Diabetes, blood pressure control is of paramount importance. Proper control of blood pressure can help prevent serious complications of diabetes viz. heart attack, kidney disease, stroke, eye complications etc. Dr. Piyush Desai M.D., an expert diabetes specialist at Advanced Diabetes Centre, Surat recommends, “You should have your blood pressure monitored at […]