As a chronic disease, Diabetes demands chronic attention – that too on multiple issues. Therefore, Advanced Diabetes Centre (ADCPL) advocates Organised Diabetes Care which includes:

Individualised Treatment
In the management of diabetes, one size does NOT fit all. Assessing the risk potential of every patient and devising individualised treatment strategies go a long way in achieving better patient outcomes

Diagnostic Facilities
State-of-the-art medical devices, machines, technologically advanced diagnostic facilities managed by highly skilled technical experts help in timely & accurate diagnosis of diabetes and its complications

Prevention & Management of Complications
Comprehensive ecosystem offers timely diagnosis, prevention as well as management strategies for various complications associated with diabetes

Lifestyle Advice
Advanced guidance in nutrition, physiotherapy, mental, behavioural & sexual health, obesity clinic provide all-round help to patients living with diabetes

Diabetes Education
Understand diabetes, take control. Diabetes Education by Certified Diabetes Educators plays a significant role in establishing better control over diabetes for people living with diabetes

Advanced Infrastructure

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Our Centre

A Centre of Excellence, Advanced Diabetes Centre Pvt. Ltd. (ADCPL) offers a promise of holistic and organized diabetes control and management under one roof

  • Comprehensive care for complex cases of severe diabetes

  • Preventive management of the disease for patients with borderline and pre-diabetic conditions

The Difference is ADCPL

We genuinely understand how critical and challenging it is for a person living with diabetes to take control of his/her own health while carrying out their daily activities. We therefore ensure that we provide crucial support to our patients when they need it the most – at their own homes, or at place of work away from ADCPL!

Advanced Technology and IT Infrastructure

  • 24×7 Connectivity with patients – Via Mobile app (launching soon), Missed call alerts
  • Website: User-friendly, advanced, authoritative and evidenced-based authentic information for the patients as well as clinicians

Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)

  • Awareness building and helping the patients to understand the details of Diabetes and its complications through Personal and Group Counseling Sessions; dedicated area within the center
  • Empowering the patient to be incharge of his/her diabetes & make informed decisions at every step
  • Emphasis on practical, easy-touse content that they can easily understand and follow during their daily lives
  • Vast content repository on patient education available with our clinical advisors – Joslin Diabetes Center is best adapted to suit Indian parameters and used to engage with the patients.

Patient Engagement Programs

  • Specially curated multiple programs that are customized to suit needs of every patient
  • Visit-wise in-depth assessment

No substitute for ‘Data’

  • Strict adherence to complete information seeking from the patients and their caregivers
  • Advanced documentation for patient records
  • Electronic Medical Records facilitate critical analysis and monitoring of patient conditions and their achievement goals from time-to-time; Ease of operations

Our Approach

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Tight Glycemic Control (HbA1c testing) – The Point of Care

Online log for blood glucose monitoring

  • Smart glucometers directly relay patient’s reading to the system via online technology

  • Facilitates prompt advice to be given and the action to be taken

  • Saves crucial time for both patients & doctors while monitoring glycemic control

Advanced Patient Care Categories – Under close monitoring and guidance from Joslin Diabetes Center, Advanced Diabetes Center (ADCPL) has three categories of the patients with diabetes based on their HbA1c levels and corresponding advanced care that they need.


Convenience, Congeniality and Comfort

  • Comfort and convenience of patients and their relatives

    • Diagnostic tests, pathology screening for diabetes under one roof – Saves crucial time & money!

  • In-house pantry facility

    • Critically planned meals and menu to suit not just the requirements of the patients but also to please their taste buds

  • In-house pharmacy facility

    • Added convenience for the patients and their relatives to get the required medications as well as other supplies crucial in diabetes management

  • Efficient, cheerful staff & technical experts

    • Specially trained in soft-skills, grooming the staff engages cordially with everyone who walks into the center or gets in touch with the center

  • Vibrant ambiance – Spreads positive vibes

    • Tastefully done interiors ensure that there’s never a dull moment unlike other conventional healthcare facilities

Care, Compassion & Commitment

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  • Advanced Diabetes Centre (ADCPL) looks after patients with diabetes 24×7 even when they are away from the center at their home and empowers them to achieve optimum control over diabetes

  • Committed to building a complete ecosystem and makes a visible difference by improving quality of life for people with diabetes through coordination, collaboration and cohesive approach.


Come, join us! Let’s together spread the smiles…

Advanced Diabetes Center Pvt. Ltd.
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