From the desk of CEO and MD, Mr. Hetul K. Mehta


Dear stakeholders,

Our passion to support the mammoth task of controlling the devastating effects of diabetes and our belief to make a visible change in the quality of life of people living with diabetes in our own neighborhood to start with, triggered us to establish Advanced Diabetes Centre Pvt. Ltd.

Painstaking efforts by our team of expert clinicians who shared the vision of offering patient-centric services beyond mere sugar control led us to develop the strategic roadmap. Collaboration with leaders and global experts in the management of diabetes further gave us the direction to change the paradigms of conventional diabetes control in the city of Surat, Gujarat, India.

Our strategic plan focuses on three areas for change:
• Primary prevention of type 2 diabetes;
• Quality care and treatment with strategies focused on patients;
• Collaborative and cohesive infrastructure for caregivers and healthcare providers.

We are grateful for the inputs shared by individuals and their family members who are living with diabetes. Throughout the journey, our focus and commitment has been to improve the quality of care to thousands of these men, women, and children and help them lead a life that is free from stress due to diabetes.

In our endeavor to offer organised diabetes care module; we have garnered much-needed support from our esteemed partners who are equally committed like us to take the diabetes pandemic head-on.

We have a huge task ahead of us. Through strategic alliances with experts, we are leveraging our efforts with established organisations in the region. This synergistic association has much greater potential to create a positive impact than any one of us could have achieved by working alone.

As we set out on this path to create a healthier nation, we commit ourselves to build a complete ecosystem and make a difference to the lives of people living with diabetes through coordination, collaboration and cohesive approach.
Come, join us! Let’s together spread the smiles…

Management Team

The management team includes a passionate group of second-generation doctors

  • Dr. Amish V. Shah
  • Dr. Ami H. Mehta
  • Dr. Piyush H. Desai
  • Dr. Amit C. Vora
  • Dr. Pranav S. Desai


Our Team