Foot care in Diabetic patients

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Diabetic patients are more common to suffer nerve damage, circulation problems, infections and subsequently foot-related problems. Not just controlling your blood glucose (sugar) levels, but also taking good care of your feet will go a long way to treat and reduce the occurrence of complications of diabetes. Why is foot care important in diabetic patients? […]

Importance of Physical activity in Diabetes

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Introduction Regular physical activity is a key element for blood glucose management and overall health in diabetic patients. Comorbid conditions like hypertension, depression and heart disease also stand to benefit from regular exercise. Its importance was further emphasized when the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Diabetes Association released a joint statement in […]


Diabetes and retinopathy?

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Diabetic retinopathy is a progressive damage to the blood vessels of the retina (light sensing lining at the back of eye) due to high blood sugar levels. Overtime, high sugar levels weaken and damage the blood vessels leading to swelling of the retinal tissue. This gives rise to cloudy or blurred vision. Longer the duration […]

Are you careful of Hypoglycemia?

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What is hypoglycemia? Diabetes control is all about maintaining a healthy blood sugar level (< 80 – 130 mg/dL) 1. While a decrease in blood sugar level might cheer you, it can as much worrisome as high blood sugar is. Hypoglycemia may be defined as an episode consistent with an abnormally low blood glucose(less than […]

how to inject insulin properly

Are you injecting insulin properly?

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Injecting insulin is a tricky affair. Whether you are using insulin pen or a syringe and a needle, make sure you inject it the right way. Follow these simple tips: The site of injection: Abdomen – Two inches away from the bellybutton. You may have scars from previously injecting insulin on the abdomen. Avoid these […]

Diabetes Care in Winter Months

Diabetes Care in Winter Months

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A study published in ‘Medicine,’ November 2014 issue reported slightly higher levels of HbA1c in winter for people living with type 1 diabetes. Reviewing your diabetes management plan can help establish better control over diabetes during the winter months. Here are some tips: Foot care: Keep your feet warm and dry. Wear warm socks and […]