Did you test yourself for Diabetes?

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Diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases in the world. Many a times, Diabetes remains undetected. In India, it is estimated that nearly 40 million have diabetes – one of the highest number of diabetics in any one country in the entire world.Recent studies have proven that in India, diabetes is also beginning to appear […]

Let us celebrate Diwali sans Diabetes!

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November 14 is celebrated every year as ‘World Diabetes Day’. This year, coinciding with Diwali, ADCPL has taken advanced steps towards preventing Diabetes. ADCPL has planned a week full of activities to build the awareness about Diabetes and its various complications.Special Care & Guidance – November 1 – November 7, 2015 Diabetes Awareness Drive & […]

Committed to taking the diabetes pandemic head-on

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Management of diabetes is far more complex than it meets the eyes.  Diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases in the world. By 2025, more than 300 million people across the world are expected to be afflicted with Diabetes. In India alone, more than 50 million people suffer from diabetes. The numbers are expected to […]