Diabetes and blood pressure

Diabetes and Blood Pressure

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In the management of Diabetes, blood pressure control is of paramount importance. Proper control of blood pressure can help prevent serious complications of diabetes viz. heart attack, kidney disease, stroke, eye complications etc. Dr. Piyush Desai M.D., an expert diabetes specialist at Advanced Diabetes Centre, Surat recommends, “You should have your blood pressure monitored at […]

Diagnosis of Diabetes

“You have Diabetes” – Coming to terms with shocking diagnosis

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Sitting in front of his doctor, Mohan was totally shattered. The 45-year-old successful businessman, a loving husband & a proud father of two adorable teens was thinking all the time – why did it have to be me? What will happen to my work and me now? Will I die early? Will I ever be able […]

Diabetes Care in Ramadan

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It is the holy month of Ramadan. Fasting during this holy month holds a great religious & spiritual significance. However, for people living with diabetes, it is important to know how fasting will impact their diabetes and take necessary precautions to avoid any complications. We are trying to clarify some of the doubts regarding Diabetes […]