Diagnosis of Diabetes

“You have Diabetes” – Coming to terms with shocking diagnosis

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Sitting in front of his doctor, Mohan was totally shattered. The 45-year-old successful businessman, a loving husband & a proud father of two adorable teens was thinking all the time – why did it have to be me? What will happen to my work and me now? Will I die early? Will I ever be able to lead a normal life?

Diagnosis of Diabetes can be totally earth shattering. Some people can’t stop worrying; some let the emotions run through their eyes, whereas some have sleepless nights. That feeling of helplessness, vulnerability, changes in self-esteem, fear of dying, fear of facing others and how will they react is bothering them all the time.

Expert clinician Dr. Ami Mehta from Advanced Diabetes Centre mentioned, “Diabetes should be treated like a friend and not like an enemy. We, at Advanced Diabetes Centre, help to empower our patients to know about diabetes and its complications as much as possible. Only after knowing in detail about diabetes, one can take control of his/her disease. We organize Free Group Counseling Sessions for all patients, their relatives, and caregivers every Tuesday between 2-4 pm. Patients and their caregivers get an opportunity to interact at length with our Certified Diabetes Educators, ask questions and get their doubts clarified. It is not easy for them to learn about the disease and what harms it can bring to them. But, we teach them to be prepared, and learn how to lead an active and cheerful life while living with diabetes.”

Support from family members, friends and colleagues can be extremely important. Talking about the team approach to management of diabetes, Dr. Ami says, “We want our patients to feel normal, optimistic, independent and in control of their disease. Organised Diabetes Care at Advanced Diabetes Centre ensures that patient is never left alone to his own mercy. He has 24×7 support from our entire team.”

Advanced Diabetes Centre offers a complete Organised Diabetes Care under one roof. Advanced Diabetes Centre has an entire team of specialized diabetes consultants, including expert clinicians from other specialties such as Dermatology, Cardiology, Neurology, Nephrology, Surgery etc.  Qualified and trained nutrition experts, physiotherapists, diabetes educators guide the patients throughout and empower them to take control of their diabetes.

If you find yourself in the same position as Mohan was, or if you are looking for more information give a missed call to 7227000100 and for appointments call 0261-2600100.

#KnowYourDiabetes and take control over it. It can help you make a drastic difference to your emotional wellbeing, and will help you lead a happy and cheerful life while living with Diabetes. Advanced Diabetes Centre is committed to improving Organized Diabetes Care.

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